As you might expect, the pandemic lockdown has created an increased demand for emergency computer services to keep people connected to work, family, and friends.

The situation is evolving every day, but for the moment Savvy is happy to respond to this need, with some tweaks to normal procedure for safety and for streamlining:

– In many cases, the work can be done remotely and securely
– Otherwise, please plan to pick up and drop off your own computer
– Savvy will only go onsite in the direst need and with suitable screening and precautions
– Physical distancing will be maintained at all times
– For laptop computers, Savvy will use an external keyboard & mouse whenever possible
– E-transfer payment (or cheque) is strongly preferred over cash
– Cash payments will be rounded UP to the next $5 since cannot deposit coins at the ATM

Thank you for your understanding, and keep well! We will get through this, and better days ahead.