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Computer Repair

Computer Repair

Computer crashes always seem to come at the worst time. That's why Savvy comes right to your door to get you up and running as soon as possible, at your convenience. Don’t wait around for the big box guys to get to it – call Savvy today.

Virus Removal

Virus Removal

For those who didn't quite find time for the security checkup, don't despair – Savvy can remove most viruses and malware in a matter of hours and keep them from coming back. Remember – prevention and Savvy are your best defense.



System slow? Out of date? Should you upgrade, or just buy a new computer? Savvy will check out your system for free and tell you what will bring it back up to snuff, or if it's time for an updated machine in your life.

System Tuneups

System Tuneups

"Q: Why do people put up with slow computers? A: Because nobody told them it doesn't have to be that way." We speed up your computer and prove it to you, or the tuneup is free. Period.

Security Checkup & Report

Security Checkup and Report

Viruses & malware – most people don't worry about them until it's too late. Call Savvy BEFORE you get the nasty messages and we can help you lock down your system and keep things running safe and smooth.

Backup Strategies & Verification

Backup Strategies and Verification

Don't wait for the big crash to find out your backup strategy (if any) didn't do the job. Let Savvy show you how to protect your important data and memories. Hardware problems are inevitable – loss doesn't have to be.

Computer & Software Training

Computer and Software Training

If it feels painful every time you try to do something on your computer, there is probably a better way – and Savvy knows it. A little training can save a lot of your valuable time. Call or email Savvy and let us know what you need to know.

Free Pickup & Delivery

Free Pickup and Delivery(In the Uxbridge Area)

(In the Uxbridge Area) – If you value your time more than shiny store fronts when you need computer work done, you'll love our free pick-up and delivery (within 10 km of Uxbridge). And, we never charge extra for local on-site work like the other guys.